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văn học
Night Flight with Seas
translated by Ưng Giản Phương (2012)
from the original version in Vietnamese, “Bay đêm cùng Seas” (2005)
After Calaugs’s chaotic dreams, a symbol transformed,
The result of this metamorphosis was I
But I, before being such a symbol, by birth, had been
who faced death by the Styx
My wings, having stolen from Archangel Michael
from the depth of the Night, stirred, flapped, leaped up and flew
cut through the partitition wall of seasons
challenged the farthest-in-time furies
My eyes
you who upheld the abyss made up with the volcanic lava of the Sun
what did you see, the future that’s yet to reveal?
Your glances in silence propelled themselves like arrows scouting
I can’t be sure if you would not get lost or go off-course
Since from Seas
the brown-dark night has landed on the land of Adonis
the smoke mindlessly flowed over brims,
sculpted in such taken-up space
the waving patterns of metaphors.
In silence, they danced
narratives of the genesis
of the Tree of Time
that for millennia reverberated
one Litany of Sorrow
How would one know from where the sorrow comes?
In the dark the heralding downpour struck
the two birds separated from the flock
drenched in dripping darkness
After the explosion of those hot stormy days
Seas returned to the deluge
walking, with the hanging wild orchids, across dead autumns
leaving me in my own lonely flight
By the Styx River, flows of life and death departed and arrived;
after the sapping, forlorn search-flight
ungainly, by the swirling grassland, I folded my wings,
lying down, catching my breaths, emptied-out
hopelessly pursuing a single strand of conception
In the bowels of this river, alas!
How could I find the soul of Pegasus?

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