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THE SONGS OF METAL [IX. The last rendezvous]
When I arrived at the river bank
summer had gone through the darkness
of history
I suddenly heard the sounds of cracking rocks
as the severed flesh inside
the time’s body
at my last rendezvous
with the old season of nihility
the cobwebs were hanging in the air
as the flyaway hair
they were torn into pieces by the stray winds
along with the firelight from sunset
the wild clouds might have started an endless hunt
in the sky
an implicit conflict was about to burst
oh, the clouds of April
they have caught their own distorted reflection
in turbid water
I could not suppress a shudder
when my emotions revealed the secrets that I have nourished
by the sunlight and the wind
or even the intense dreams
I was in pursuit of those dreams
but their images had gradually vanished
into the time’s color
April had just ended in vain
when I stole a glance over my shoulders
the past remained as an invisible burden
but it was not merely a reminiscence
there was something tragic
about this barren piece
where memories were filled with the wind tombs
war and hatred
and the dilapidated history
never keep a line of retreat open
the storms of yore had returned to the immense sky with
some fragments of the old tunes
before dawn
I was wondering how I could sing along with
the dead bodies of the cicadas
on those trunks
my steps faltered on the wooden bridge
and the cries of the rusty screws
suddenly overwhelmed my emotions
the wind has swept away
the rotten images
and a stuffy space
since the shapeless thoughts remain unchanged
an intact summer seems to be something that’s pretty amorphous
and vacuous
I’ve just missed my chance
the cicadas were constantly lament
about their loss
with a little of hesitation
I started to walk through April
as if it was
my last rendezvous

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