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văn học
THE SONGS OF METAL [I. The impassive consonants]
Catching the offshore wind
on my way back to an old place
the call of nothingness is compressed
in the sandy winds blowing throughout
the length of the waiting beaches
the willow trees and the solitude
became dark silhouettes
I was intrigued by the coldness
of wood and the white cloud sail
wooden planks will leave and the color will disperse
the boat was surrounded
with silent sounds
my wound deliberately opened its mouth
through moon gate
along the strange dreams of mine
autumn falls shades of memories
a hall way full of sea lavenders
oftentimes shaped like abyss
at the end
I walked in
read the moving desire on your lips
yet the love’s image is not loss
in an embrace
you may not aware
how did the harmonies between kisses come about
I was like reptiles crawling on trail to the city road
the space as being colored
and you can not recognize the white clouds
after a frustrated adventure
sound congestion was prolonged with a sequelae
of inarticulate
I returned to the place of departure
trying to play the sound of a consonant
my voice is pronounced by the mouth of others
as if they live on my blood
since the moon and its shadow
stuck in a rocky throat
the syllable is strangled on its way out
I know
my song has not been sung
Sydney, 2009

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