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On Lê Thành Nhơn

"Lê Thành Nhơn conveys through his creative works a strong message of peace and harmony - peace with oneself and with others, and harmony amongst human beings as well as with the environment. A noted painter and sculptor, he has significantly contributed to his country of birth, Vietnam, and his country of resettlement, Australia. He remains a true Buddhist believer in all circumstances of his life."

The Most Venerable THÍCH PHƯỚC HUỆ, OAM

President, The United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation in Australia-New Zealand.

"Lê Thành Nhơn is one of the true modern sculptors of Vietnam. Grounded in a deep feeling for his country, he always aspires to make sculptures of prominent figures, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas that capture artistic novelty and philosophical profundity. He has left us a body of works with timeless value..."


Painter (USA)

"Beholding Lê Thành Nhơn's paintings, I find a true master of images and colours. His monumental sculptures awe me with a burning passion and a tremendous talent. He is one of the rare artists who live fully for art. He is an exemplum of creative power for all of us."


Painter (Vietnam)

"Lê Thành Nhơn - Vietnamese-born painter and sculptor: his smiling face displays a good heart, and the colours and shapes of his creative works harmoniously in contrast reflect human conscience."


Head, SBS Radio (Australia)

"As an artist, Nhơn creates, creates, and creates. He always tries to give the best quality to life, even to moments when things do not go well. This powerful and charming character is revealed in his paintings, sculptures, as well as in his relationships with people and nature."


Scientist & Writer (USA)

"Nhơn has talent, skill and immense dedication."


Historian & Writer (Australia)

"Whenever Lê Thành Nhơn and his work come to my mind I feel like there's a strong wind coming down from a high mountain, snaking along a raging river out into the immense ocean... Few Vietnamese artists, especially in sculpture, a domain very few wanted to pursue, could create such works that, while depicting the very Vietnamese legacies, convey such a mesmerizing experience among a diverse audience as Nhơn's do."

TRÙNG DƯƠNG Nguyễn Thị Thái

Writer (USA)

"Many times I found among Nhơn's innumerable works a yellow colour that keeps coming back. This yellow colour haunts me because it is totally different from those done by any other artists. It reminds me of the colour of the Buddhist monks' gown, the colour of the light from our ancestral altar, the colour of the ripe seeds of rice, the colour of the springtime aurora... Beholding his yellow colour, I can feel how Nhơn loves all living things within the sky and the earth while he is toiling with his hands for the excellence of his art."


Poet (Australia)

"Nhơn's sources of inspiration normally come from life, in many ways straight from the people he meets."


Journalist (Australia)

"On my radio programs, Lê Thành Nhơn was often absorbed in his poetic description of his paintings and other works. He is deeply imbued with social justice and Buddhist conviction which help him connect easily with fellow human beings."


Broadcaster (Australia)

"Nhơn is an artist of timeless genius who has produced gifts of great beauty to share with those who have eyes and heart to see. I hold the beauty of his natural, rare genius in awe and regard his artworks as truly divinely inspired. He has been an inspiration in my life. I am truly grateful for all he has given us through his passion and love."


Lecturer & Art Critic (Australia)

“Lê Thành Nhơn's life of an artist resembles one of his stone statue depicting a man carving himself out of a monolith, or a monolith carving itself into a human being.”


Writer (Australia)

"Lê Thành Nhơn's dedication to art is unique. In Lê Thành Nhơn there is a sage, a friend, a source of inspirations. In him there is fire and spirit, a profound love of life that inspires and brings joys to people from different cultural backgrounds. Lê Thành Nhơn's works of art spring deeply from his immense compassion for people and this world."


Poet (Australia)

"Lê Thành Nhơn has sculptured his name deeply and irreplaceably in a noble and honourable place of Vietnam's contemporary fine art. His work was, is and will be a huge monument which is an inspiration for many artist generations to come."


Scientist & Writer (Australia)

"Most Lê Thành Nhơn's works are complex in both compositions and ideas. But, quite extraordinarily, every detail is always extremely precise. This can only be done by the hand of a true master where dexterity is only a reflection of wisdom."


Designer & Engineer (Australia)

“Lê Thành Nhơn's life and works compliment each other in a rare and unique way. In fulfilling his destiny as a distinguished sculptor and painter, Nhơn has also been as much an angel and a monk. While his intense focus, attention to details and overflowing creativity is the trade mark of a rare master artist and craftsman, his treatment of timeless subjects such as ‘spiral’ and ‘the four noble truths’ shows the vision and the heart of a true philosopher. With so much to give, it's inevitable that Nhơn's contributions to Life, Arts and Humanity sometimes come at great personal sacrifices. Here, he has become , in the end, something the words ‘Thành Nhơn’ had hinted long before at the very beginning - a true, full and timeless human being.”


System Engineer (Australia)

“Lê Thành Nhơn's art is an example of the greatest art. He has made for us sculptures of the majestic Buddha, and remarkable reliefs that represent Vietnamese culture and history. In his paintings, his brush strokes have resulted in the discovery of new dimensions, depths and meanings. While looking at his works, one can tell that in order to create such wonderful art the artist must have a wonderful soul.”


Poet (Australia)

"The shadow of a genius left by Lê Thành Nhơn in his many works is an enormous challenge for many generations of artists to come. The true values of his art could hardly be summed up now, but they will keep unfolding whenever we really try to learn from what he has created."


Poet (Australia)

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