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Một số nhà nghiên cứu thuộc trường Đại học Wollongong và Đại học Victoria (Melbourne) nhận được sự tài trợ của Hội đồng Nghiên cứu Úc (Australia Research Council) để tiến hành dự án nghiên cứu về di sản văn học đa ngôn ngữ tại Úc (tập trung vào bốn ngôn ngữ chính: Ả Rập, Trung Hoa, Tây Ban Nha và Việt Nam). Một phần của dự án là cấp học bổng cho các sinh viên Tiến sĩ để làm luận án về văn học được viết bằng một trong các ngôn ngữ trên. Riêng về văn học Việt Nam tại Úc, học bổng sẽ do trường Victoria University cấp (trong vòng ba năm). Đơn xin học bổng, xin gửi qua email đến:

Dr Nguyễn Ngọc Tuấn (Nguyễn Hưng Quốc)

Email: [email protected]

Hạn chót để nhận đơn là Thứ Sáu 15/2/2013.

Điều kiện: Ứng viên cần có bằng Master (hoặc tương đương) trong lãnh vực văn học và/hoặc văn hóa học, đọc và viết thông thạo cả tiếng Việt lẫn tiếng Anh. Các chi tiết khác, xin xem văn bản phía dưới.




Victoria University’s College of Arts is seeking applications for a PhD scholarship commencing in 2013 to examine the relationship between the Vietnamese-language press and the production and circulation of creative writing in Vietnamese in Australia. The scholarship is funded by the Victoria University, as part of its support for the Australia Research Council Discovery Project grant: New Transnationalisms: Australia’s Multilingual Literary Heritage.


The aim is to rethink the nature of transnationalism and multiculturalism in relation to Australian literature through four case studies of Australian writing in languages other than English (LOTE). Adding a large, significant and so far largely unknown body of writing to the nation’s literary heritage, the project will enhance understanding of the cross-national, cross-lingual and cross-cultural traffic that feeds into the literature of a migrant nation. It charts new directions for thinking about the relationship between local and global cultural production, shaping while at the same time interrogating the category of the national. Focusing on Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese, the project will document and analyse the literary activities of each group, map their historical trajectories, and conduct comparative analysis contributing to theoretical models for transnational literatures.


The project will provide an exciting opportunity for a PhD student to contribute to the awareness and understanding of Vietnamese-language creative writing in Australia. Newspapers and magazines have played an important role in the dissemination of creative writing from authors within Australia’s Vietnamese-speaking communities. This PhD research will contribute to the documentation, critical analysis and theoretical inquiry into the relationships between creative writers, the Vietnamese-language press in Australia, and Vietnamese-language readers.

Throughout the research, the PhD candidate will participate regularly in meetings and workshops with the multilingual and multi-institutional team of researchers involved in the New Transnationalisms project. This will provide the candidate with opportunities for sustained engagement and dialogue with leading scholars in the field of multicultural and multilingual literary production. The candidate is also expected to present their research at conferences and contribute to networks of international scholarship on multilingual, transcultural and transnational writing.

Under supervision and guidance from team researchers, the PhD candidate will:

• Undertake the documentation of creative writing in Vietnamese published in Australia’s Vietnamese-language press

• Establish and develop contacts with Vietnamese-language writers, editors and journalists in Australia

• Undertake literature searches and reviews

• Participate in annual project workshops involving team members from other institutions

• Contribute to research publications and progress reports

• Attend and present findings at academic conferences (national/international)

• Produce PhD thesis

• Time commitment: 3 years full-time, commencing 2013


This is a three year full-time scholarship. The tax-free stipend is $24,653 per annum. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence and demonstrated research potential.


Applicants must have an MA, or BA (Hons) First Class, or equivalent. Applicants should have an academic background in literary or cultural studies and be fluent in reading and writing in Vietnamese and English. Applicants should also have knowledge of research methodologies and theoretical approaches appropriate for research in literary studies.

In addition, the successful applicant is expected to have:

• Strong academic/research track record

• Excellent time management skills

• Excellent written and verbal communications skills

• Ability to work independently as well as work within the team

• Willingness to commit to full-time research for the 3 years of this project

• Capacity to be based at the Victoria University and meet there regularly with supervisor(s).


For further enquiries please contact:

Dr. Tuan Ngoc Nguyen

Email: [email protected]

Coordinator of Vietnamese Language and Studies

Tel: 03 9919 4049

Application deadline: Friday 15/2/2013.


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