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The Monkey Mother
The wind is blowing through the desert
over the thrusting mountains
over the freezing ocean
sunlight pierces the clouds
its warmth
streaming down to the earth
The wind continues onwards
passing tiny villages
hearing the rooster's melancholy crow at noon
the mother's tired lullabies
secret sorrow
swirls into the sky
swirling into Time
swirling into Night
The wind rushes onward
past the final graves
who is that who's crying
for the recently departed?
stay there! stay there!
wherever you are becomes your homeland
the sun has risen
the wind surges on...
not waiting...

The Monkey Mother continues Citymoon's exploration of new movement vocabularies - drawing upon contemporary performance practice, mime, voice, martial arts, (especially kung fu) and traditional Vietnamese performance styles to create an exciting and dynamic production that celebrates new directions and new expression in contemporary intercultural performance.


Citymoon (the Vietnamese Australian Contemporary Theatre Company) was established by Binh Duy Ta and Bruce Keller in 1996 to provide a cultural bridge between the Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese Australian communities. Citymoon's inaugural production Conversations with Charlie preimiered at Belvoir St Theatre in 1996 as part of the Sydney Asian Theatre Festival, and other contemporary performance works in development in clude The Three-Cornered Room, with Merlinda Bobis (1999), and Hip Hop Horse with Sawung Jabo and Morgan Lewis (2000).

Writer/Director                                Binh Duy Ta

Cast                                                My Linh

                                                       Natalie Hankinson

                                                       Khoa Do

                                                       Hoang Ngoc-Tuan

Dramaturg                                       Bruce Keller

Composer                                       Hoang Ngoc-Tuan

Set Designer                                   Pierre Thibaudeau

Lighting Designer                            Richard Montgomery

Lighting Operator                            Phil Haywood

Photographer                                  Tiet Ho

Graphic Designer                             Thuy Cu

Custume Maker                               Tran Minh Huong

Publicist                                           Michaela Coventry

Audience Development Officer         Cuong Le

Video                                               Peter Oldham

Assistant to the Director                  Cilily Ponnor

Set Construction Assistant               Gary Manson

                                                         Phil Haywood

                                                         Tram Do

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